4 hours of volleyball and head first in the trash can?!

I should stop saying I’m gonna do things, because I might not do it or just forget it… Anyway today I’ll tell you about my volleyball training, I’ll try to make this is an order that you’ll understand. Usually I just write whatever comes to my mind and I’ll keep doing that but I’ll try to make it more readable.

It’s vacation, I haven’t done much the whole week exept for studying so when I went to my training I was pretty tired in the beginning but I was kinda hyper at the same time, if that makes sense… I was a bit late but that didn’t matter too much because my trainers were to. Some of you might know that I had one trainer, now I got two. One of them, the new one is 25 and the other 52. At the beginning of the training we got homework, homework in the vacation! But I guess we have to learn the new system somehow.

During the warming-up we did a lot of squat exercises and now my but hurts, my upperlegs don’t because they’re trained pretty well. The thing is the newish trainer who will be there every week from now on always makes me laugh, and he doens’t even do anything. His face makes my laugh xD. And he is really funny but even if he doesn’t say anything I lose control. I wasn’t the only one laughing so that wasn’t a problem but the exercises didn’t go that well because half my team was cracking up. I don’t even know why because I was too busy trying to not fall down due to my own laughter.

After the warming up I sudenly got sick and dizzy so I had to stop for a while. Everyone was super sweet, asked if they could help me in some way. The 25 y.o trainer came up to me at one point and he was really sweet, he really seemed to care. So did the others but I have known them much longer, IΒ appreciate it just as much. I really didn’t expect someone caring that much all of a sudden. He sort of half hugged me and went back to the field.

The rest of the training I had a lot of fun, kept lauging about everything, I really couldn’t help it! In the end we played a match against my trainers and one team mate. The 52 y.o trainer kept saying things like: ‘smash us of the field, these old men!’ That turned out really funny and I’ll tell you why in a bit. During that match we kept says things like: ‘if you can reach it with one hand, you can reach it with two!’ because that is someting my trainer keeps telling us.

After the training one team mate and I always stay a little longer and this time we were asked to join the match an other team was gonna play so we stayed and did that. I formed a team with that team mate and my yonger trainer, later the other trainer joined in too. The yonger trainer kept refering to the older one as ‘the old man’ which I of course thought was hilarious. I litteraly fell down a few times because I was laughing so hard because of things he said. We played two sets and won both.

I trew a volleyball to my (yonger) trainers head, at first he was like: where did that come from? then he saw me and said: ‘lets put you head first in the trash can!’ someone actually did that to me once when I was 7 (that time was also because I didn’t stop laughing the whole day). He ran after me and of course caught me, he picked me up (how to pickup girls? just like that) and carried me around as id he had hunted me. Then he started spinning around and I almost trew up 😦

His training started and me and my team mate kept playing one agaist one for a while. Then we took down the net, but since I was really tired I didn’t get the poles out of the holes they stand in, so my trainer came to help immediately. He really is sweet and a gentelman… and not good looking AND 25, CONTROL YOUR BRAIN! Stop that train of thought, what’s wrong with you?! I guess being funny really is attractive…. Thank god he’s not good looking, I would have fallen for him, that isn’t even a question in my head. I guess this does prove that attractive and good looking are different things to me though, which is something I’m happy about.

Now don’t go crazy I don’t like him in that way but I really do like to have him around.

I had a game today, lost 4-0 to a team that’s way to good for us. It was fun anyway and that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

I guess that’s it for this week

X Cleo ❀


My week

Hey everyone,

I said I would write about the things it did this week. I will also tell you about some things I did last week, I’ll try to keep it chronological. So here we go.

On Thursday I went to the hairdressere, finaly! The last time was before the summer holidays (I know, way too long ago!) so I’m really happy with it now. It’s about 16 cm (6 inches) shorter and really soft Friday I went snowboarding, it was my 3th time boarding ever and I actually did kinda good, the first time I tried I was able to do the zigzag route they put up with little posts in the snow. So I was really happy about that. After a while I was the one helping others which was fun. πŸ™‚
On Saterday I met Max But I already told you about that. (I’m still not over how cute he is in real lifeΒ  ❀ )
And on Wednesday I gave training first and then I had training, but since my trainer was ill and the one that usually takes over too one of my teammates had come up with some practises for us. The team that normlly trains after we do didn't come because so many people were ill so some friends and I stayed for a while longer. When I did get home I was exhausted but it was worth it.
Thursday my legs were killing me because of the training!
Yesterday morning the there were people distributing roses (for 2 euro's you could sent someone a rose with a little card), I allready knew who would get a rose from who. I had kind of expected a rose from Max but I didn't get one. I did get candy from a friend of mine which was really sweet πŸ™‚
Yesterday evening I had a match I play 2-2 (you always play 4 sets). We didn't win but we were pretty good which was nice.
This morning I found out that Max did sent me a rose but I never got it…. But he did sent it which is sweet ❀ Maybe we are going to do something fun tomorrow.
And for tonight my brother had invited some friends over which is always extremely awkward and uncomfortable for me so I wasn't really looking forward to it but I actually turned out to be pretty funny. My little brother was playing a game called '30 seconds' with them but he quit so then I had to join and it was hilarious. You basiccaly have to guess 5 words within 30 seconds, for each one you get you get a point and whoever gets 30 points first wins.
I also tried out my nail white pencil (Rimmel London) today and I love it πŸ™‚

I think I'll do the 'guilty' tagg for my next post, I'm not tagged but I think it's funny. If anyone has tips for what I can do for a post, please leave a comment!

X Cleo ❀

what a week…

So here I am, on Christmas eve. Writing to no one, in my bed, being ill. Yesterday night I fainted on the bathroom floor when I was getting water. I hit my head but I had a headache anyway so it didn’t really change anyting. I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow because we will have dinner at this restaurant at the beach which is pretty nice, I really hope I can come…

Quiet a lot happened since I won the stamps πŸ˜‰ Wednesday evening I forgot my volleyball training which basicly was a disaster for my mood because I’m not used to screwing things up like that. Thursday was fun again at my primary school, Thursday night I had a Christmas dinner there. For the first time in my life I didn’t eat too much of the deliciousness. Then on Friday I really got to do things, I cleaned a LOT. And when I was finished and free to go I stayed anyway, just to talk to the teacher I had, she is such a wonderful person. I love talking to her because she just cares, there’s no other reason why she’s interested an do can really be myself around her. I’m still not sure if the message that I think she’s amazing got through to her though. Then Friday evening I played an amazing match, 2-2 if we would have won we’d be champion but it was so much fun and we were great. Then let’s see, saterday I had an appointment at the hairdresser at 12:30 and of course I slept till 13:30 because that’s me and things didn’t work out so well this week. Sunday I had a birthday party and I couldn’t find the place of my friend because I had only been there once before, when I got there, after about 40 minutes of searching around they were standing in the hallway, about to go bowling. I won. I was teribble but I won, we all suck at bowling πŸ˜› after the bowling party I went and picked up my cousin, she stayed till Tuesday πŸ™‚ and after she left I got ill and I have been laying in bed most of the time.

So that’s how my week went… Not like anyone cares but I like writing anyway, to sort out my thoughts.

If you want to know more about me check the about me thingy

X Cleo