Shopping and pizza!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to the Hague with Max, the guy I met on Tinder (don’t judge). We went shopping and had pizza, it was a lot of fun and I show you what I bought and a mini DIY I did today. I am supposed to be doing homework but I promised and I will keep that promise. So basically this is my excuse to not do what I am supposed to do…
For some reason I can’t change the size of the pictures on my tablet so they’ll all be huge, sorry for that.

I needed new indoor sports shoes, for volleybal and PE. I got white Asics, I acctually wanted black once with the Asics logo blue but those only exist for males, that would’nt be a problem for me but that means that they don’t have them in my size. For girls they litteraly were all pink, all of them. And since the color of my club is blue that would’nt do, so I ended up buying white once.


I also got knie hight sports socks because we (my team) decided that It looks cool and that we were tired of shaving 😉

The next thing I got is tthis awesome sweater! Let my geeky side shine and show my house pride!!!


If there would be mixed houses I’d be in Slyffindor but I’m more Gryfinndor than Slytherin.
And now for the mini DIY. I had some old really cheap rings. I took of the color, which is super easy with those chap things, and I recolored it with nail polish, now it’s scarlet and it sparkles 🙂 Not that you can see it very well but believe me, it does. I love scarlet because it the color of Gryffindor and just because it’s pretty 🙂


So after shopping we went to the VIP (=Verry Italian Pizza) anyone in the Hague needs to go there, it’s delicious! They help you very quickly. They also have pasta’s, those are really good to but I am more of a pizza kind of person.

Nothing happened between me and Max but he is really cute… I caught myself staring at him quiet a few times. He is super sweet to and thinks he had to be a gentleman all the time.

Next post I’ll probably write about random things I did on different days of the week. I went to the hairdresser and SNOWBOARDING and I guess I’ll do something fun on Valentines day too.

X Cleo<3


The story of me and my illness

So I decided that I want to share my story. some of you might not see it as an illness but it really is and afected my life a lot.

I was always tired, had a lot of headaches and was ill all the time and I had a pain in my belly with I didn’t notice until it got worse. I weighted only 48 KiloGrams and I didn’t eat a lot. When the other problems got worse too I went to see a doctor but he couldn’t help me except with some scary medicine that stopped half the function of your guts. And since I don’t like those kinds of things at all I didn’t take it. The problem was clear at this point though. My guts weren’t working properly with created gasses within my body and since gasses are lighter than fluids they go up. for transport your guts squeeze your food to move it. The gasses stayed in the top most place it could get wich is the highest part of my colon, and it didn’t move at all. My body kept trying to move it but it didn’t work and because it squeezed my colon so hard it really hurt.

I went to a therapist who told me I wasn’t getting any nutrients out of my food. He litteraly moved my guts with his hands, with super gentel touches. It was the stranges thing I ever felt, I felt my guts moving around slowly while it felt like he was doing noting at all. He helped me make the pain disappear in places I didn’t even know I was hurt (in my fingers, my back and my knies). He told me what foods I can eat and what supplements to use. I had to take a lot of vitamine D and I can’t eat: Sugar, gains and milk products (and not to much fruits) so I basically live from vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and eggs. I can have stuff from goat milk by the way and I really like goat cheese.

I didn’t go to school for 3 months last year (2014) starting February. I couldn’t do anything, if I was out of bed for more than 5 minutes I almost fainted in the beginning. But with eating and living the way I am now, wich was really tough and kind of scary because I just had to trust this one man who said he knew what he was doing. (I really had to have the guts to overcome my guts) I also had a hard time not being able to do things because I like being active, I got through it all. in the last 8 weeks of school before the summer vacation I catched up- on all the work, so I basically did the work you are supposed to do in 5 months in 2 months and I am really proud of that.

I now weigh 53 KiloGrams wich is perfect for my length (1.72 Meter)

I have written this this way because I don’t want to be all dramatic but it was tough. I got through it and I know you can too! whatever you’re dealing with, you can do it, I may take time, it may be hard but you are able to do so much more than you realise, sometimes you just need help from the right person so don’t be afaid to ask for help.

I am very bussy the next 3 weeks, I have a lot tests at school. I have decided to post every Saturday, maybe sometimes I’ll post on an other day but always at saturday too. The lengths of the posts may vary.

I love you all X Cleo ❤