About Me

Hi Everyone,

I’m Cleo, I am a 16 year old girl and I live in the Netherlands, near the beach.

I’ll tell you about a few things I like and don’t like. Because I don’t really know how to tell you about me in any other way.

I like playing sports (aby sport really but I like volleyball and snowboarding the most), pets, painting my nails, swimming (in the sea), little kids, chocolate, well food in gerneral…  watching movies/series, Harry Potter(!) and a lot more

What I don’t like is waiting, I can’t stand waiting! Sometimes. I can be very patient at times too, like when working with kids. I don’t like people who ask dumb questions or things they know the answer to. and I don’t like people who are ignorant.

It might not sound like it but I’m a very positive person and don’t like to judge people or to be judged.

I believe that everyone is different and therefore everyone has got some weird in them so always be yourself and show who you are! (unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn! Or if you can be Batman always be Batman) 😉

Lots of love Cleo X

PS I will try to keep this page up-to-date


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