What I do to relieve stress

I know I didn’t post again but I had a very busy weekend and after that I didn’t feel well plus I was almost done with this post and then I lost more than half the post because I suddenly couldn’t connect to wordpress anymore (which got me pretty stressed because I wanted to post this). I was tired and super stressed because of school. I saw a youtube video in which a girl showed how she handels stress and I thougth lets make a post in which I’ll tell about my own ways of doing that. Later this week I’ll post about the polar-bear trip I went on last weekend and after that you’ll hear about how my date went, because I’m going to the movies with that guy I met on Tinder.

I am ill a lot because of my bad imume-system, specially when I eat the wrong things. And because of school I had only little sleep and free time which is something that always stresses me out. But this time was wors. I was so tired I couldn’t concentrate on anything and because of that I got more stressed which made me sleep even less.

First of all, let me start with the very best way to relieve stress which is to just get up and do what you have to do. The things you haven’t done yet are the cause of the stress. When you’re working on those things you are reducing the stress.

Now, if you are anything like me and can get so stressed that you feel like you can’t do anything anymore. And you can’t concentrate on one thing because there is so much that you should be doing, then I may just be able to help you. The best way to relieve your stress so you can work again is to do exactly what you probably have been telling yourself not to do: something completely different from the work you have to do. distract yourself for a while.

For me art is very important because it helps me with that. It might sound boring to some of you but there are a lot of things you can discribe with the word art: drawing, painting, filming, photography, claying, acting, writing, making music and a lot more. I am the first person to admit that I’m not an artist but I really like art, making art or looking/listening art.

Since I’m not a good drawer I like te draw madala’s, they can be anyway you want so people can’t judge you for it. Just draw what you like and if it isn’t perfect it doesn’t matter, don’t go stressing about that! just remember you are doing it for fun and to relieve your stress, not to create it.

These are the materials I used. The brush to ad a little bit of water, eventhough these aren’t acryl pencils it does work. If you ad a tiny bit of water to a lot of pigment it makes the colors (colours) more vibrant. I also used a ruler to make a spiderweb like shape as a guideline. I also like to draw some circels to make sure it stays sort of round.


I like to start with a flower because for me that is the easiest way to start.


Just keep adding shapes and colores to your mandala.


Do something creative with the edge, that makes it one big piece.


When I’m done I like to ad a color to the background to give it some depth and make it seen more alive.


If you think this is hard I strongly disagree! if you thinks this is an amazing piece of art, congratulations! You can do this too.

I usualy listen to music while drawing, mostly happy songs. A lot of disney songs really (I’m 16 I know, don’t judge) like: Why sould I worry, I’m on my way, almost there, I have a dream and bare-nessesities. Those songs make me really happy.

Do keep in mind that this can take quiet some time and you want to relax but if you neglect your work for to long the stress will only get worse.

Some other things I like to do are Listing music, reading, writing, doing sports, well I usualy do those things and listen to music at the same time. I really like Milow, ed sheeran, de jeugd van tegewoordig (a dutch rap group), I like almost al sorts of music really…

I hope this had helped you relieve some of you’re stress

Love you all X Cleo ❤


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