Heyy everyone,

not that there are people actually reading this but oh well. I’ll be posting at least once a week, probably more in the beginning.

Yester day I played a game with my volleyball team to celebrate saint-Nicolai, you basically trow a dice and for every number there is something you or everyone has to do. That way the presents keep moving around and what you end up with is what you get to keep. I won a like and a dislike stamp – wich were the most wanted items of all – mini hairspray, a picture frame and a bracelet. We all ate way to much and had a lot of fun.

Today I helped at my primary school. Because it’s almost christmas (YEEEY 😀 ) the kids didn’t have to work so I didn’t do anything, really… I helped make christmas cards and clean…. I’ll be going back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. At least I’m free early 😛

Anyway, if you want to ask me something leave a comment or send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is: cleo.justmeexpressingmyself1@gmail.com    don’t forget the 1, at first I made this e-mail address but I failed and had to start over but then the address was already taken so I put the 1 there.

G-bye X Cleo


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